Hello all,

I found Cooksongold via Google after needing Sterling Silver beads. I currently run a business selling costume jewellery. This is obviously all mass produced but my business model was to 'sell in my sleep' as people say. If I was to make jewellery it's like anything. You can only make as much money as the hours you can physically work.


I had a few customers wanting bracelets from 4mm silver beads. My supplier agreed to mass produce these for me if I got the beads to them. (This way we can guarantee authenticity too)! I could make 1 every 30 minutes whereas they would turn around 50 in that time. This was all fine and dandy and these bracelets are now a very popular buy.
However, someone spotted this bracelet on my wrist and asked if I could make one in White Gold instead of silver.

So my question is does anyone know where I can buy 4mm White Gold Beads, Polished with 2 holes?
And while we are on, Rose Gold too just in case?

I hope this is in the correct section and I haven't broken any rules here.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,