Hi - I've had an interest in jewellery making for a couple of years now, just as a hobby, with silver and gold, gemstones etc and I'm keen to learn and become more skilled. I see some lovely jewellery, particularly when on holiday abroad, Chania in Crete, Kalkhan in Turkey, for example, that is made of silver that has been gold plated and which has a mat finish that I like. I'd like to produce items with this look and finish but don;t know how. Can anyone advise me on the equipment jewellers use when gold plating silver and obtaining a mat gold finish? I've looked at the electroplating 'machines' that Cooksons sell, but they seem to have 1 lite or 1.5 litre capacity tanks and I wondered if actually that was a bit large for just the occasional small jewellery item such as earrings, rings etc?

Thank you.