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Thread: My first craft booth

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    Default My first craft booth

    Hi group, I'm about to launch in to the world of craft fairs and need some help with displays and such like. How do I go about setting up a display....where can I go for some cheap but classy looking props/display I need to make them myself?

    What other items do I need other than;- Bags, tissue paper, business cards, cash float??

    I'm such a novice so would appreciate some advice.
    Many thanks

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    I cam across a cheap site and i thought i would get some stuff from there, you might like to try it too
    Su' xx

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    I want to learn so much, and i want to know it all NOW!!!:p

    One day i will arrive

    A huggle a day makes the bad stuff go away

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    Default My first craft booth

    Yes, I have been looking at their website.

    I want to add some height to my display and need some boards at the back.

    I was thinking about using photo frames but not sure how that would work

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    Lots of people use photo frames and they work quite well. It depends on how much you want to spend really. I use perspex cubes from 3d Displays to add height and they look really good.

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