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Thread: Bezel Setting using bearer wire

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    Default Bezel Setting using bearer wire

    I'm trying to make a bezel for a clear faceted stone and after several failed attempts with fine silver bezel strip, I have bought some bearer wire.

    I don't want to waste any more silver and cannot find any online tutorials for how to use it.

    Can anyone who has used bearer wire please give some advice (a video would be ideal).

    Many thanks in advance

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    Im by no means the person on here who can give you the definitive answer to your question, but heres my experience...

    After trying both methods myself, I reverted back to making my own bezels ( I.e. not bearer strip etc ). Although it can be fiddly especially on smaller stones, I still find it easier to make the bezel myself, then trim it down to whatever height I require. Then for the bearer part, I simply use an appropriate thickness of silver wire formed the same shape as the bezel, then fit it snugly inside followed by soldering it in place.

    Last time I tried to use bearer strip it was on a marquise shaped stone and I found that getting the joint correct ( flush ) and to the proper size was a nightmare. Could be perhaps my own lack of skill at such things, but there you go.



    P.S. After many recommendations on here, I bought the book by John Cogswell ( think thats the right name ) on stone setting. Really good book.

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