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Thread: Detail on Hand/foot print Stamps

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    Default Detail on Hand/foot print Stamps

    I have a UV stamp maker & use the Photocentric gel packs to make my handprint stamps. If the handprint is detailed enough and I managed to hit on the correct precision times, I sometimes end up with the detail of the more defined lines on the hands & feet. However, would love to get more consistant results. Any top tips/ Do people 'widen & define' the lines in photo shop? Do I leave the stamp in longer, less? Really grateful for advice, I have experimented but don't seem to be finding the correct formula!
    Thanks so much x

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    You'll need to make the black areas as black as possible using photoshop / Gimp, or something similar.
    I'm not sure how the gel packs work as have never used them. Have you seen regular photopolymer plates? Pajed sell a good range that give varying impression depths. x

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    Hello, I know this thread is an old one but wanted to know of you had any luck working out how to get more detail? I also wondered if leaving under Uv light for less time would help?

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