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Thread: Help with Creating lines and patterns on metal + stone setting

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    Hi Leah, I would recommend that you abandon ready made bezel wire and buy strip cut from sheet instead, as I said above.

    For your druzies the simplest way is to concentrate on a smooth and snug surround, soldered onto a backing. As they are opaque, you can then use a little five minute epoxi to hold them in.

    A little light box constructed from a cheap LED cupboard light as below, helps you to check the fit. I also enclose a picture of one of my crystals drilled to mount the decorations.

    Just for me, I wonder whether you could please post future links ready to click on? Dennis
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ml Version 2  Light Box And Collet.jpg   Agate Drusi Ring (1).jpg   Onyx Pendant.jpg   Amathyst Chrystal Pendant.jpg  

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    Thanks caroline! I'm looking at needle files as we speak. And George your work is stunning, that ring is really special! Making a light box sounds like a very good idea as I tend to make my bezels a tad big without realising until its too late. I tried to post the full link but apparently you need to have posted 5 times in the forum to be able to put proper links in threads but now I have discovered this I'm sure that won't take long

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