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Thread: Using Cookson Tube settings

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    Default Using Cookson Tube settings

    Hi using the silver tube settings for the first time to make a ring and trying to figure out what size of faceted stone to use. Can anyone please help? For example what size of stone should I use for the NVW 846c setting - 4.6 mm external diameter and internal dia 3.8 mm and also for the next size ie 5.00 mm ext diameter and 4.2 internal diameter. I plan to order the stones from Cookson but need to know first. Thanks

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    These Collets are ready to receive their stones, so if the internal diameter is 3.8mm, it will be possible to insert a 3.8mm stone.... ha ha.

    As you will soon realise , stones of a nominal value, even artificial stones vary in size. So unless you are able to call on a showroom and sort them out for yourself, you had best be armed with some callipers and some setting burrs so as to adjust the tubes to the stones as necessary.

    This leads me to assert that you might be better buying a selection of tubes in the first place and making your own settings from scratch.

    If you put the word 'tube' into the search box top right, you will find two or three related threads. Don't hesitate to ask us further. Dennis.

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    You will also find that Cookson usually tell you what size of stone fits each collet

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