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Thread: Ultrasonic Damanging Jewellery

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    Quote Originally Posted by moletteuk View Post
    I bought a chinese one from amazon last month and it seems fine, it was this one:

    It's listed as a Floureon 2l heated one, but when it came it's badged as GT Sonic, it is quite a solid piece of kit, all stainless steel, it makes a mess of a piece of tinfoil which seems to be the standard effectiveness test. It's a chinese seller, but Amazon gives guarantees about returns from 3rd party sellers and it was despatched from a uk warehouse, and when I emailed them they replied in legible english, so it's been hassle free for me so far.
    I have the same one and I still get the white marks , I mainly use mine as a hot water tank with the solution and a toothbrush now

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    I’ve never had a commercial one as I don’t make in large amounts.
    I still use hot water washing up liquid and a toothbrush as we did when I trained. Have never had any problems with marks doing it by hand so if time is a factor and you’re having to repolish and then reclean that seems counter productive. The only time I found a cheap one useful was for getting the compounds out of chains. Mine died more than a year ago and I’ve never replaced it

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