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Thread: Cleaning a piece after polishing

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    Thanks for the info, Dennis and Peter.

    I did read something a while back on what can and can't be safely put into an ultrasonic, and vaguely recall that only CZ's are safe and everything else is fissile and at risk of disintegration. An exaggeration, of course, but I can see how the consequences of ignoring the advice could be catastrophic. I'll certainly do my homework before I get an ultrasonic and start zapping things.

    The Elma S series is the pro range, I think. That was where I was looking. There's a tiddly one smaller than your S30, if I remember, but I imagine you'd want more capacity and cleaning power pretty soon if you bought that one. C**sins are definitely off my list of potential suppliers.

    I'm not surprised there are counterfeits of Elmas, Dennis. It was too good an opportunity to miss for the fakers. I suppose we should look on the bright side: at least it's not a food item or something you put in your mouth. To quote one source "British undercover detectives have found that counterfeited cigarettes frequently contain human excrement, asbestos, mold and dead flies". And I thought cigarettes were bad enough for your health already. Then again, electrically dodgy ultrasonics could be even more lethal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    I rarely use polishing compounds, so I'm not a great authority, But Menzerna polishes are all the rage now, either from Sutton tools or bought on line. So consider those. they started life as car polishes but have had great reviews in the Jewellery trade. Dennis.
    the menzerna polishes are good, I like them a lot but you still get bits of crud sticking in the cracks. I find a sink of hot water, copious washing up liquid and my sonicare toothbrush gets rid of everything, even tripoli and rouge, but it takes a bit of time for work that has lots of texture.

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