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Thread: Laser Assay Quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by medusa View Post
    is this the stuff you just got back from LAO? They put their own sponsor mark on and not yours?
    Could i have filled in the form wrong ?

    Sponsors mark required (name as registered) Julian Anthony Young
    Initials on registered punch: JAY
    Strike Sponsors Mark ( do you require the assay office to strike sponsors mark) :yes

    Could the last line mean their punch ?

    However, in that case i could just add my punch and the items would be identifiable ? Still going to talk to them

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    no, you filled it in right. The last line is in case you do your own sponsors mark.

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    Yep, as Liz said, your sponsor mark, to be struck by the assay office....

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    Hi Julian and thanks for letting me know about your laser marking issues.

    Although you can mark any items with laser marks, they are really designed for marking finished items with a smooth polished surface or very delicate items. I can see from your pictures that the strips, in their semi finished state, does have a rough surface which will of course affect the definition of the mark as the laser burns away the surface. I think you're going to lose a fair bit of the hallmark when you finish these off, unless you polish around them, which I would have thought would be a load of bother and would still leave the laser mark at less than its best.

    Of course laser marks will not have the wearing properties of a struck mark and so unless you request "deep" laser marks I would probably say it would be better to have any rings struck rather than lasered. This wasn't possible in your case as you retain your own punch.

    So in summary, if you want the laser mark to look its very best, then let us have the items polished and finished. You will get inconstant results if the surfaces are different too.

    With regard to marking with our "own" LAO mark rather than your sponsor mark. This was the first packet you've sent in to us, and we had a little technical issue with uploading your sponsor mark software, so, rather than keep you waiting, we used our own mark so as not to delay the packet. In hindsight we should have informed you that your mark would not be on the items, and for that I do apologise but it was done with the very best of intentions. If you want your sponsor mark added we can do that now, as your software is all up and running. (Or you can do it with your own punch as you retain it) It's fine to have more than one sponsor mark on an item.

    PS my avitar is a laser mark and that's nice and crisp!

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