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Thread: Website up and running - Critique welcomed!

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    I know nothing about websites or their sales efficiency, but looking at your site Nick I have a few observations. The first is it's on screen size, I have a 24 inch wide screen and your webpage shows as a small square in the centre of a black edged screen, then your work photos run on a smaller section of this square, why waste the opportunity to fill the screen with photos of your work or information?. There are no details of each piece shown, I would have liked to be able to click on a photo to see an enlarged version along with details of the item and a price.
    This is all from someone who has never sold his work online, I was on the Goldsmith's Company website for 6 years before my retirement; and in that time I didn't get a single enquiry via the website. But I must admit I do a lot of shopping online these days.

    Good luck with it anyway. As a final comment looking at photo 10, the ear studs, I would prefer not to see the snipe nose plier grip marks on the wires of a finished product. ( spoken as an ex workshop foreman / manager )


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    Thanks everyone, there's some very good points there that I need to think about.

    I wanted the site up, or should I say a web presence of sorts so I had a proper email address and contact point, but I definitely understand the point about it being unfinished.

    Didn't know about displaying my hallmark either, so that needs amending. Knew about it in a retail environment just not online!

    The photos. They're not meant to be 'for sale' items but just an example of items I've made and some are sold, therefore I can't reshoot photos.
    The site is designed on a size of 1024 x 768 which sort of hits the middle ground on monitors and that's the idea.. You're just showing off with your 24" behemoth James!

    Good point on the ear rings too.. Oops!

    Thanks everyone, back to the drawing board in ways but I'm grateful for all feedback.


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    A great start, Nick! I know what is like wanting to get a website up and running. Although mine is not quite finished, I find myself directing people (99.9% are friends and family) towards it because I want people to know I'm out there and doing something!

    I echo some of what's been said already and can maybe add that it would be great to see perhaps a gallery of work that you have done rather than one slideshow where you have to click the next button or wait for the slideshow to move to the next image. It's then much easier for a customer to navigate. If they wanted to show a friend the heart ring you've made, it takes more effort to get to the image than if you were to have a page with all the images on which someone can click on to enlarge.


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