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Thread: Rhodium plated ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucie View Post
    Chances are, your local highstreet jeweller is sending it off to some nice person in Hatton Garden who plates it and returns it. They are then putting their own mark-up on it, so the price is going to be ridiculous. I know that what most of ours seem to do anyway.
    Adam's 30 seems about right
    I used to have a workshop in Clerkenwell, so know what the overhead is like. I do everything in house now, as that way I have control of the costs.

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    Won't the existing rhodium need removing anyway, since if not, it will turn black when heated to solder in the new setting, before the whole piece when finished can be replated?? Or am I thinking of something else??

    I have the blackened plating to remove from a rather fiddle ring when I return from holiday,.....still, I won't think of that challenge too much just yet!!

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    It is not certain that the ring has been plated until tested, Victoria. It could just be a different shade because it comes from another source. In either case, once you have successfully removed the old mount and soldered on the new one, you will need to send it to a plater.

    However you will not need to do any further sanding, because preparation, possibly by blasting with an abrasive, will be part of the process. You can confirm that with them before you send it.

    It is as well to warn the customer, that at some time in the future, any plating will wear away in part, exposing the colour beneath. Dennis.
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