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    First post ever on just taking my first few steps toward getting started in silver jewellery making.

    Had a dream 15 years ago to make my own silver jewellery....finally went on my first few classes about 12 months ago and was instantly hooked!

    Sadly my tiny London flat prevented me from doing much at home but recently moved to a bigger place and have commandeered the loft space and am just about to start investing in tools so I can get set up properly.

    Significant other surprised me with a bench for Christmas so no more's time to start making and learning!!!

    I've been reading other peoples posts and the advice is great...I know that I can learn alot on here.

    Eve x

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    Hallo Eve, and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on at last having your own work space and a bench to go with it.

    A loft space evokes the image of a sloping ceiling, no windows, fibre glass insulation and a plywood floor. So for your own health and safety your next priority will be to install ventilation against the build up of dust, toxic fumes and combustible gases.

    You will also need a safe soldering area, a floor that won't burst into flames if you drop a hot object and possibly a simple means of putting out flames, such as a fire blanket.

    As for tools, only buy what you need for your immediate project or you will begin to accumulate a tools graveyard. Buy a beginners book that will list tools, or ideally attend a course, so that you can try them out.

    Apologies for the gratuitous advice, regards, Dennis.

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    Welcome Eve, I did what Dennis said, "got a tools graveyard" and have quite a few that I dont use. Buy as you need them, especially as you have all the big tools shops in London, if you need something its on your doorstep. I am like a kid in a sweetshop with tools I am afraid, tool junkie comes to mind. Got Cookies vouchers for xmas so searching for something nice.

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    Hi Eve and welcome. Exciting times ahead and expensive too.
    Dennis is right don't get hooked on the tools buying just yet as they are expensive. You can start off with quite a small basic kit and it's amazing how many household items you can utilise such as rolling pins and I still use my old dry iron plate as a base plate even though I have a proper one. It just needs a bit of imagination and ingenuity if money is short

    Just thought I'd add that Cooksons have a tool sale!
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    Hi Eve and welcome!!

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    Just signed up myself. Already found it to be a good place ...
    ATB Martin ...

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    Hi Eve,
    How lucky to have a workspace and bench to start next year with. Dennis is right, just buy what you need for each piece you do, you'll be amazed how many tools you'll accumulate. That said, I have quite a tool graveyard too, sometimes I think that comes from trying a variety of things out before you find and settle into what you enjoy!!
    Anyway, welcome to the forum, I have learnt so much here!
    Tabby xx

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