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Thread: Failed Engagements

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    Default Failed Engagements

    I received the following email;


    Hello Julian

    Got a question for you, not sure if you can help or not.

    As you may know I bought an engagement ring in February to propose my girlfriend. Didn t work and I got the ring back yesterday.
    cost me a lot of money and I m willing to sell it. do you know any good shop or company that buy jewel.

    It s white gold ring 14K , and unfortunately , was never wear.

    If you have idea, please let me know as I want to get ride of it asap. Doesn t matter if I loose money on itÖ




    My reply was as follows;


    This is a very sad situation, and I canít really give you a positive message.

    My first choice would be to talk to the people you bought it from, they probably have experience with this type of situation.

    The second hand value will be considerable less than the price you paid.

    I can give you my opinion on what its worth if I can see it,

    After that itís embay and market plats.

    Sorry but thatís the truth



    Do You have any other ideas?


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    Julian, you have just written the shortest novel ever and very sad it is. Dennis.
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    Tell him to keep it for the next girl. She'll never know and it'll save him a fortune!

    On a serious note, there's not much he can do really except try and sell it at a pawn shop (or possibly etsy?). Such a shame for him x
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    Sian Williamson


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