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Thread: Help with Proxxon microflame torch ... stuck lock

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    Default Help with Proxxon microflame torch ... stuck lock

    Has anyone else had a problem with the lock on this hand torch? I've been using it with no problems and just picked it up to solder the 2nd part of something and the lock switch won't budge so I can't do anything.

    I desperately need to finish the piece I'm working on and just can't get it to unlock. It's a relatively new torch and I've had no problems with it all until now.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Hi Emily,

    I have had one of those for nearly two years without problems. The slider which locks the mechanism will move with the torch on or off. Once in the down (locked) position it freezes the controls.

    Unfortunately if you cant work it you will need to return it to the supplier. This is why most of us have more than one torch or indeed any other vital piece of equipment. You could probably order a spare online this weekend and have it by Monday PM, or Tuesday.

    Sorry, Dennis.


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