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Thread: Packaging material query.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Taylor View Post
    Hi thanks for the response, we didn't pay extra for the printing so it was something we took the opportunity to do (we weren't offered a discount as an alternative, so it's not money we can free up).

    As previously mentioned our bags are recyclable and have been for years, our next move is to recycled plastic.

    It's a good idea about low tack labels and I'll pass that onto our buyers

    With regards to our eco-policy, we are on a journey here to improve our footprint and the impact we have on our environment. This process includes energy efficiency and waste recycling in addition to the products and consumables we sell.

    We continue to strive to be greener and I do genuinely feel we are aiming at the same goals.

    rgds Rob
    Most plastic is recyclable in one way or another, it depends on the person using it, so that comment is a bit misleading. In December 2013, there will be clearer legislation around this. The UK Government has already put a huge focus on this and for the last ten years, most local auth have been working towards reducing waste. I re use the bags that come with my orders where I can. I am not overly bothered by the logo, that is your policy and right to do that. My concern is the amount of bags to come in one order. For two items, I can receive three bags and the envelope. That, is not reducing anyone's footprint or waste.

    I really don't need that many. Over the years, having made many purchases from Cookson's, I have acquired hundreds of bags. Economically speaking, it is not. I have taken what I cannot use to a recycling facility enroute to other places.

    Hiding behind the use of recycling, isn't enough or proactive for such an award winning company. Not meaning to push this further, but as business, I have a responsibility of upholding the current legilation and directives too. This falls into proactively encouraging less waste at all levels. Plastics save trees, but ironically can destroy the environment. There are animals that get snared up in them, or caught in them and they may become harmed as a result. Cookson's should be a leading force on this issue, rather than what comes across as dismissive or diminutive.

    I understand my comments are more direct than usual, but this is a serious point. No offence intended, just a critical response about an earlier point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somersetmaker View Post

    I agree that minimising plastic bags is a good thing - or maybe visit the plastic island in the Pacific for re-education!!

    I really don't see why every single thing has to go in its own special little bag. I'm pretty sure most stuff, small gemstones excepted, could just be chucked into a jiffy bag or cardboard box (made from recycled). Last order I had, I had about 2 cubic feet of packaging for just over a handful of stuff.

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    Further to this does Cooksons have a 'reduce use of plastic and other non-recyclable packaging' policy or could you possibly lead the way in this please?

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