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Thread: More Gold-Filled Please!!

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    Default More Gold-Filled Please!!

    Good to see that you've started to offer some gold-filled components. I would really love to see some more chain (finer types), wire (from .3mm to 1.5mm, soft and half hard) and thin (.4mm or 26 gauge) headpins, which are very to get (I have to get them from the US and wait about 2 weeks for them).

    I think that's it for now

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    hey kianda,

    As you have mentioned on the previous post that you or one of your friend started the Gold filling, would you please let me know that what is the actual meaning of this gold filling, is it related with teeth, as I have heard the silver is used to fill the teeth ?

    waiting for your valuable reply !!

    Sam Driscoll
    Celtic Pendant | Gold Lockets Specialist
    British Jewellery Workshops
    United Kingdom

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