Hi All

just thought I'd share this with you, I been using a Co2 laser cutter/engraver over the last five years to etch impression plates that I either press directly into metal clay make silicone push molds/stamps.

I mostly use this process to minimise waste while work with silver clay and get fine detail reproduction, I use a profile cut form to cut round my rolled out clay insert it into my mould and apply pressure. I can even get a front and reverse impression from one pressing.

I'm guessing not everyone has access to a CO2 laser cutter, but I'm considering offering anafordable laser engraving service soon aimed specifically for Metal/Polymer Clay Artists that want bespoke impression plates for their original designs or logo's.

I'm just working out the specifics for how to submit art work,accepted formats and costings. Any feed back on this idea would be much appreciated.

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Enjoy !