Hi there

I recently got some sterling chains plated (22.5ct at 2 microns) and they came back SO expensive, I just wondered if anyone could advice if this was over priced or not?

They were all filed curb, prices including VAT were:
Large 30" (1.59mm width) = 30
Medium 26" (1.37mm width) = 26
Small 20" (1.05mm width) = 17.40
X Small 18" (1.05mm width) = 16.20

This just seemed awfully expensive in comparison to other items I've had plated in the past!! I sent them in 'bulk' thinking it would bring the price down for each one...and I know filed curb is a more dense chain, but still wasn't expecting them to come out at this sort of price.

Also if anyone knows any good, reliable but cheap platers I'd really appreciate any help/advice/info for any of this.

Thanks very much