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Thread: Hallmarking

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    Yes - the assay office recommended that I get a swan neck sponsor's mark (which they are keeping for me) as it can be used on both flat pieces and rings...It's just that I don't know how awkward it is to use in untrained hands!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonJohn View Post

    I also registered at the Granville Street office (or whatever it's called) as they allow you to take pieces in by hand, always useful if you have a rush job on.
    Do you know if you have to pay extra for taking items in directly? i was planning on taking a packet in tomorrow for the first time and have just noticed a charge on the price list called 'Processing of direct packets' for 10.....I presume this is for them booking it in at the counter for you?

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    Good news everybody! A girl I used to fancy at school just got back in contact with me - as you were, back to hallmarking!

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    aaaah bless you Alan xx

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