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Thread: How do you use Silicon Carbide Grits?

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    Question How do you use Silicon Carbide Grits?

    The description says:This 450gm pack of 80 Grade Silicon Carbide Grit is most commonly used as the first grinding stage of tumble polishing.

    Great! But, do you use it on it's own or do you use it with ceramic cones or stainless steel shot?

    Is it reusable? I imagine it is at that price.

    Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've had a search and no douubt so have you. It's used with water for tumbling stones and in lapidary work. My guess is that for metal it is used with ceramic cones. But Cooksons sell it and they invite you to contact them.

    So when you find out we'd all like to know. Dennis.

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