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Thread: 1 day Etching course at Flux n Flame

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    Default 1 day Etching course at Flux n Flame

    These one day courses will introduce you to various etching techniques which enable you to create detailed surface textures on your metal.

    You will learn to prepare the metal sheet for etching, to transfer designs with the use of various resists, and to use acids for cutting those designs into the metal.

    The emphasis will be on the etching process and particularly the use of low tech photo etching (with Press n Peel) on either silver or copper. You will also have the opportunity to try etching with aquatint, craft stickers, and creating your own freehand designs with liquid resists.

    This is an experimental course, suitable for all skill levels, so there is no pressure to produce a finished piece of jewellery.

    Catherine combines traditional tools and bench skills with modern techniques such as the use of the photosensitive film to create well-crafted, unique and highly wearable gold and silver jewellery.
    Contact Jesa on 07785 550771 or visit

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    i would love to do a course like this, shame im so far away from you, but well done looks great

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