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Thread: 2 day press forming course at a Flux n Flame

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    Default 2 day press forming course at a Flux n Flame

    We have a BRAND NEW PRESS FORMING COURSE running in October 20th -21st..only 6 spaces quiiiiiick!!!
    Here's what its all about.....

    Press forming is method of making hollow 3D forms from sheet metal. The metal is pressed into a mould using the controlled power of a hydraulic press.

    In this two day course you will learn how to make a mould and use it to create multiple forms which can then be soldered or hinged together to form beads, boxes or small containers.
    There will be lots of examples on display for you to examine and to help you to understand the possibilities of the process.

    You will be encouraged to design an idea for a bead or a small box and then make you own individual mould. You will be shown how to make a simple hinge for boxes and will be encouraged to make your own hinge. If you want to make beads then you will be shown a variety of solutions to making holes for threading the bead.

    We will explore ways of introducing pattern and texture to your beads/boxes. You can create texture by using punches & hammers and the rolling mill. A variety of lines can be introduced to your form by the use of constraints in the mould. This technique will be demonstrated and you may decide to incorporate this into your design.

    By the end of the two days you should have a variety of samples and a completed bead or box in copper or silver. This is essentially a simple process that opens up an exciting world of possibilities to introduce a three dimensional element to your jewellery/ silversmithing work.
    Call Jesa on 07785 550771 or check out the website
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