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Thread: Metal clay question

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    Those look great, I have some similar shell moulds myself, I've been making them with copper, I might have to try out the small pointy one but some of the ladies said they particularly liked the cockle. I have a stash of shells but can't think where they are.
    Does copper and silver weigh roughly the same, that would save me a task as I have the weighs of the copper ones already.

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    I believe silver is more dense.

    We are ten minutes from the beach but the only shells there are mussels, luckily there is a little maritime museum with a gift shop, six shells of your choice for a euro :0) Squished into Fimo half an hour later nice little moulds.

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    Hello. I'm new to this forum, and no matter how hard I try I can't find where to start a new thread! So sorry for gatecrashing this one but I'm desperate for some advice.

    I bought the Kate McKinnon book 'Sculptural Metal Clay' and followed the instructions in there that advise using 1mm+ fine silver wire imbedded into wet clay to create findings etc. I fired a test piece that had 1mm piece of wire imbedded into it, but the whole thing melted. I was a new kiln and the digital display didn't seem to be working properly so I returned it for a replacement. I tested the new kiln today, it seems to be holding the temperature correctly. As Kate McKinnon advised I set the kiln to 899c, and I fired a piece of 1mm and a piece of 2mm fine silver wire to test it. Within 30 mins both pieces were completely melted!

    I don't know what I am doing wrong? I've read elsewhere that others imbed fine silver wire into their clay with no problems...please help! I really don't know what to try or what is causing the problem! Thank you


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