Hi there

I have done a few searches on this and have seen that other people have had the same problem with silver clay. I made a necklace for my sister-in-law which was perfect when it was sent and when she took it out of the box, but when she wore it for under one hour it turned a true black colour, blotchy in parts. She had put some perfume on so I was thinking this could be the problem. However, when I visited her I re-polished it all to it's silver shining glory and I wore it myself for a while. Nothing happened. Thinking that I resolved the problem my sister-in-law then wore it for a few hours without any perfume etc and the front piece (there are 2 discs that make up the necklace) the front piece which was not even in contact with her skin started to go black and blotchy. This makes me think that there is something in the clay that is seeping out and it is not a surface problem. Has anyone come across this before? Any help or advice would be appreciated as I do not want this to happen to my paying customers! Could it possible be contaminated clay?