hallo, hoping someone can share their wisdom with me here. I've been asked to make an engagement ring, by my brother, for his girlfriend. Its to be platinum, and after some thought I decided i would carve it from wax and get it cast.
She's given me her ring size, K 1/2, but I'm a bit confused as to what size I should make the wax version to allow for shrinkage. I've seen conflicting advice as to whether the final ring ends up slightly larger or smaller than the wax one. Since it's platinum, and I don't have the equipment to work in it at home, I'd like to avoid having to resize it once it's been cast. So should I make the wax ring a wee bit larger or smaller than a K 1/2??

(also have to make a setting for a diamond, so that'll need to either be a really tight fit or a bit loose)

sorry if this has been asked before!