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    Hi everyone

    I have been asked to make a set of cufflinks from cast silver horseshoe nails, which I have. I have no examples in house, so what is a good size for the front of a cufflink, and rather than resorting to the standard purchased backs, I want to be more creative for the backs, has anyone got any ideas on this?

    Many thanks
    Poor old Les

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    Hi Les,

    The connection can be a chain (about five links) a fixed curved bar of stout round wire, or a curved strip with or without a jump ring to attach it to the inner button.

    The inner button can be round or torpedo shaped, but small enough to pass through the double button hole without a struggle. Could it be another nail?

    Ideally you would borrow someone's double cuff shirt to check this and remind yourself which way up the buttonhole slits go, incase of the torpedo, or nail. You might also browse some ready made links (Google cufflinks) to acquaint yourself with the scale of things.

    My main criterion would be for the wearer to fix them with one hand without unseemly language. Regards, Dennis.


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