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    I have a fine grit (white), 2x8" ceramic bench stone available. I've just finished cleaning it, there are no dings, chips or gouges anywhere on it - the things last indefinitely at this grit - and it is in its box. These are the same ceramic stones James & I have spoken about; it's too fine to do the initial material removal for shaping gravers (in any reasonable time anyway), but it will sharpen them well and gives a fairly high polish. Naturally, they also sharpen knives, chisels, planes et al quite well...

    Axminster are currently selling them for around 70, Spyderco's price is about $65 (so much the same after VAT & import duty) - so 37.50 posted & Paypalled for this one.

    I'm very, very bad at getting rid of tools, but even I have to conclude that I don't really need 2 this size in this grit!
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