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Thread: Attaching loop to coins for necklace

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    Default Attaching loop to coins for necklace

    Hi everyone,

    So I have just bought a couple of 24k gold-plated USA 1 cent and am wanting to make a necklace for my fiancee. The design I am using is this:
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    I want to know how I can attach the loops on either of the coins for the chain? I have looked into bezels, but I can't find one that I like that fits the coins.

    Also, how could I fuse the coins together? If I used bezels, how could I fuse them together?

    Many thanks.

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    Well if you try soldering directly to them, you will most likely damage the plating. So for attaching the chain I should drill holes and use jump rings. To connect the coins two jump rings might do that as well, but I would use a two part slow setting epoxy, such as Araldite, or two ton Devcon.

    You could mark out the areas to be joined and lightly texture them with a diamond burr. Make sure the glue is very well mixed and support the upper coin with a third coin while the glue sets. I don't think they will come apart in use. Dennis.

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    If you were to make your own bezels you could rub the bezel over one side of each coin then solder the two rubbed over sides together solder on the suspension rings then fit the coins and rub over the still open sides.

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    In honesty, I think I'd just use stick-on bails. Gold plated to match the coins, attach with a good two part epoxy and just put them on a chain. Either stick the coins together and use a single bail, or just put a bail on each and let them move freely (which I suspect would look better).

    There are all sorts of styles and sizes, which can be either invisible behind the coin, or sit with the bail part just above the top of the coin.

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    I am not sure if you have any jewellery making experience as you seem to be asking about ready made fittings. If I was advising on the easiest neatest, cheapest solution to achieve what you want, I would say get someone to solder the coins together, solder a couple of jump rings to the coins to attach the neck chain, then get the whole pendant re gilt.

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