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    Autumn is officially here! (Scary to think how short our “Summer” was!)

    As it’s the first of September I though it would be fun to compile a little factsheet about the birthstone of this month and any other Sapphire facts would be greatly welcomed on this thread or perhaps we could share pieces that you have created using this gorgeous stone. (Please note this is the modern stone as I believe there are several variations…which would you prefer I feature?) Therefore my information has been as adopted by the American National Association of Jewellers in 1912…. If anyone would like to add traditional and other September birthstones please do!

    A maiden born when September leaves
    Are rustling in September's breeze,
    A Sapphire on her brow should bind
    `Twill cures diseases of the mind.

    September’s Birthstone is Blue Sapphire. Its striking depth of colour reminds me of a still, dark sky without a whisper of a cloud. During Ancient times, people believed that our seas were a giant sapphire, which created our blue sky with its reflection. Among other beliefs, this precious gemstone has a poignant meaning within our society today.

    The name “Sapphire” was derived from the greek word “Sapphirus” which simply translates to “blue”. This symbol of wisdom and purity remains particularly popular among priests and royalty, as seen among the British Crown Jewels. As you may remember, Prince Charles also selected Sapphire as the engagement stone for Princess Diana.

    Another belief in ancient times was that Sapphires protected the person wearing them from envy and poisoning!! Furthermore, if the stone was ground to a powder, it was believed to cure colic, rheumatism, mental illness and would strengthen eyesight.

    In terms of physicality, Sapphire is an assortment of the mineral corundum. This mineral is found in all the colours of the rainbow; red being elected to ruby, whilst all other hues are Sapphire. Albeit, obviously the most coveted colour of the gemstone is indeed a velvety, deep blue.

    Sapphires have been mined since the 7th century BC and are found today in Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Madagascar, and the USA.

    The Sapphire is the second hardest stone (first we all know is Diamond) which makes it a durable gemstone for setting.

    If you receive Sapphire as a gift (Hopefully me this Christmas), it represents sincerity and faithfulness.

    Some have said, “As nourishing to the soul as gazing up at the sky on a summer day, this brilliant blue gemstone is truly a heavenly choice!”

    What are your experiences of/with Sapphire?

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    My only sapphire is my engagement ring, well before I started making jewellery.


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