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    Hi all,
    only been on the forum a few days and I'm asking questions everywhere! my question is however, what are the different kinds of stone settings? I have already learnt to do bezel, tube and claw settings and I have recently researched flush or gipsy settings but have yet to try it. I just wanted to know the different names of the other stone settings so I can then research them as I'm confused as some seem to have 2 names such as flush/gipsy.

    On a similar note, when I have researched flush settings all the videos I have watched the jeweller uses a tool they have made to set the stone, which looks like a fatter bead awl or something similar. Is there anywhere I can buy a tool like this or if not a way to make one which doesn't involve a bench grinder as my 'workshop' is my living room

    Any help gratefully received


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    Hi OB,
    It is not quite clear what you have already done yourself, but as an aspiring jeweller you will eventually need an electric motor of some sort, and that would allow you to adapt a bought bezel pusher, for instance, to flush set faceted stones. Not all setters use the same tool. John Cogswell ( Creative Stone Setting) describes making a special burnisher from an old burr shank by annealing it, filing it and adding a handle. This is probably what you have seen.

    A good book would be helpful, but still is no substitute for a live stone setting course. A skilled setter will work all day and every day at this and it is unlikely that a few words on a forum would do more than help you overcome a specific problem. Regards, Dennis.
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