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    So, I wrestled with the new site, gawped at the increased postage rates, and ordered yesterday.

    Now I understand the increase. A pretty small order arrived in the usual labelled bags, inside two more large bags, inside an enormous Fedex box (why???) wrapped up in brown paper. Even my postman was surprised (and he's used to the regular deliveries of Cookies' jiffy bags).

    At a time when we're supposed to be trying to be greener, is it really necessary to add so much extra packaging? I've never had a problem with the old padded bags, and happily reused them) but wonder what on earth I'm meant to do with these great big pizza boxes, let alone why I'm having to pay extra for a load of cardboard and paper I really don't want and can't reuse.

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    Thanks for your feedback and comments on the postage & packing of your recent order.
    We always try to use the right amount of packaging with our orders, balancing security, the products safety alongside how much packaging we use.

    In most cases we do try to use jiffy bags however your last order contained two pieces of sheet that were both long and thin and would not fit into any of our standard bags, hence the box. The extra bags provided bulk to the parcel, as we were concerned that in transit the box and your sheet could get crushed.

    Whilst some of our postal prices have increased, our charge for packing has not. We have had to increase the cost of postage in line with recent courier price increases. In particular Royal Mail have increased there 1st class, registered and special delivery prices. As an alternative to Royal mail we recently introduced DHL so customers have a lower cost option.


    Adam Hunter
    E-Commerce Manager


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