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Thread: A drill for polishing pmc, recommendations and tips please?

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    Default A drill for polishing pmc, recommendations and tips please?

    I am always trying to get the best possible finish on my pieces, to date I find the 3m polishing papers best, but I risk repetitive strain injury!! its hard work if you've more than one piece. I have a tumbler but always find my pieces some out dimpled so I only use it for textured pieces or cufflinks.

    So I was just about to buy the drill bit polishing kit for pmc on the cookson site and I am wondering if I can use it with my standandard household drill or do I need to buy something like a dremel? and are there better options out there.

    I am a drill virgin, so I have no clue, all help would be appreciated!

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    There really isn't anything quite like a polishing wheel if you are aiming for a mirror finish.

    You don't have to jump straight in with a professional tool. If you have a bench grinder already, you can add one of these for less than a tenner.

    You can also buy similar attachments for the old Black&Decker, but you'll need to buy an attachment to hold the drill steady.

    The Cookies set is designed for use in a dremmel or pendant drill.

    You'll also need some sort of polishing compound regardless of which you buy. Luxi White is my current favourite but Cookies have the traditional rouge at a good price and many swear by it (it's a bit messy though in the home!).

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    I use the rubberflex burrs on a pendant motor (but they work fine in a dremel too)
    nic xx
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    If you can find a mounting set for your power drill, as mentioned by Joe, you can also use the variuos brown Scotchbrite wheels, which they have in Homebase and B&Q for some serious pre-polising of ugly places. Dennis


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