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    Default Gold Solder

    Some solder for sale ; 2 items of gold solder, & 1 of palladium solder: all bear stamps from cooksons. panels have all had some used from them & weights stated are what they currently weigh now after some used.
    Not sure how much exactly they cost now as bought them a while back, so offers welcome

    -18ct yellow, EASY solder. 1.65grms ,15

    -9ct yellow, EASY solder, 2.7 grms ,20

    -Palladium, EASY solder, 1grm ,10

    discount for multiple buys.
    Feel free to get in touch!
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    Default Gold solder intrest

    Hi I'm really interested in buying both your gold solders.
    I'm new to this site don't know how it works ?
    Would you like to email me & I could pay through paypal.
    Thanks Jo

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