Starting the 15th of March until the 31st of March 2011 you can try Reflections Silver Wire and Reflections Sheet for the same price as Standard Silver*.

If you haven't tried it before here is a list of the main characteristics of this great alloy.

  • It has enhanced tarnish and fire-scale resistance when compared to standard silver
  • It is age harden-able up to 90-110 Hv
  • It can be easily processed using standard existing jewellery manufacturing processes
  • It has 925 purity
  • It is excellent for stamping, drawing, spinning and rolling.

Click here to learn more about this promotion and start browsing through our fabulous range of Reflections Silver. If you require more information visit our knowledgebase or get in contact, we'll be happy to hear from you.

How do you like this offer? Have you tried Reflections Silver? What did you think of it?