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Thread: magnetic clasps

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    Just a thought, but how about attaching them with either a split ring or small bolt ring instead? That would then avoid the heat problem altogether. I'm not normally a huge fan of split rings, but if they're small and discreet, they can serve a useful purpose. A bolt ring would also give the option to remove the magnetic clasp altogether for someone who can't use one (pacemaker, pregnant etc).

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    I use quite a lot of split rings as i don't solder at the mo. I prefer them to open jump rings.
    Split rings can be very useful

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    I had the same problem with magnetic catches, and the jump rings can be closed with a laser welder, I don't have one but I can go to a jewellery workshop who do an evening class and do as much as I want to, the point is that it can be done without damaging the magnet.

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    I'm interested to read the options here as I found magnetic clasps last year and was quite excited for the options for people who say they struggle to fasten bracelets. However...... I have had people say that the magnetic fasteners are failing and the bracelet falls off. I have currently stopped using them as I obviously don't want returns of jewellery and don't want to sell something if I'm not completely happy that is works.

    Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and how you got over it?

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    yes, had this problem!! AI too would be greatful if anyone overcame this problem.

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