Hi there. I am just looking for some advice on how to get 'out there'. I have a little business making fingerprint jewellery to fund my art clay silver for my own designs (eventually). At this stage I have loads of ideas and drawings, but none of them seem to have much of a theme to them. They are all ok in their own right but don't have a distinctive style. I am too scared to actually do something in silver in case it turns out terribly and i have wasted the silver. I also would love some advice on how (once I finally do figure out a direction to go in!) to get my items seen. Because this is an entirely new venture and I am self taught, budget is a concern, and I unfortunately don't have much knowledge on how to start. I do have a little Mr Site website that I did for my fingerprint goodies, which could be expanded for other designs.Thanks for any help or advice x