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    Default Photoshop Elements.

    I have been attending a Friday morning beginners’ class in Photoshop Elements with Open Age since September.

    Having struggled with Adobe Photoshop CS3, I find this simplified version much more intuitive for editing and managing my photographs. It gives you lots of tools for correcting faults, altering colour and even recomposing pictures. There is an Automatic Edit, which requires very little input from you and a Guided Edit which prompts you if you are feeling a bit bamboozled. This takes you through cropping, correcting brightness , contrast and colour and removing unwanted blemishes. The picture can be maintained in photo ratio, for standard prints and Before and After can be viewed side by side for easy comparison.

    In an introduction to layers we were taught to recruit a penguin from the group below and put him into the telephone box with the door left open( well, he’ s quite fat). We also had an end of term project to demonstrate what we had learned and I used my picture of a gnawed apple to make a collage with coloured backgrounds after Warhol.

    Happy Christmas, Dennis.

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    Excellent Dennis. I enrolled on an Elements course in September also, but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I have enrolled again for January and, as I haven't heard anything from the college, I am hopeful that this time the course will proceed. I hope that if I can master Photoshop I will be able to participate in the forum more. Whilst I do not have the expertise to give advice I'm sure a display of my disasters will assist other beginners like myself !
    Regards, Mia

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    I'll have to have another go with it then Dennis - I've got it on my laptop but I've got so used to Serif I dont bother with PE -


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