Not going to mention my url for the website for this service at this stage, as I am hoping someone within forum will confirm if this is OK or not

I have not spent much time in forum due to my really almost changing occupation from Jewellery manufacturing (35 years) to concentrating on my own website for sales which is viewable here I assume.

I stumbled two years ago across a program for setting up shopping carts, unlike the ones in hosting accounts, this one is built on your own pc / laptop and is very quick and easy to add products to, up to 5 pictures per product and with sizeable thumbnails (bigger than most.)

Uplaoding to a server is a very simple process, and in a few months the developer is making it even easier still (I am in on the beta testing and have tried it)

Unlike most shopping carts this one is modifiable by someone with a little experience (like me) and with no experience at all if for a small investment in monitory terms and many hours in learning terms

It also comes complete with about 50 pre defined templates.

Its biggest selling point however is NO ANNUAL FEE and NO COMMISSION (Apart from a hosting account)

To be absolutely blunt, if I am allowed to name the program here WHICH I AM HAPPY TO DO, anyone can download it and produce their own website from one of the templates without any input from me :: cost is appx 30.00 basic or 85.00 for more features ,, and lots of hours learning the software. (I have another 300.00 of software to do all the design work)

What I am offering is assistance with setting up;; assistance if customer wants a more bespoke design;; and assistance with getting it found by Google Yahoo etc.

Have a look at my own website , it is a good example of what can be done with many hours of effort, the pages with the flash intro header ARE NOT part of the shopping cart system but when you get to the pages with a header that is stationery you have entered the basic shopping cart which can be achieved with very little assistance from myself

If i get the OK to put my url in here for the development site you will then get a better idea of the system, and what can be done for as little as about 100.00

I hope this will not offend in any way, I just see in hear lots of questions about website design, hosting etc and i have the solution at my finger tips

Regards Viv