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    Just wondered what anyone else thinks - i recently placed an order with cooksons and one of the items was out of stock and was listed to follow in a few days which has actually turned out to be about ten days, the said item arrived this morning and I have been charged postage at 2.00 again - is this normal for Cooksons? Normally i would have expected this item to be posted free of charge, the item in questions was only 2.29. Louise

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    I always think that if something is shown as in stock when you order, and then proves not to be, postage should be free for the backordered item.

    If it shows as out of stock/expected, I'd expect to either have to wait for the whole order, or pay separate postage having knowingly ordered something that wasn't actually there.

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    I order regularly from them, and have had the odd problem and after speaking to them they have always sorted things out very efficiently. I would ring them and have a word, you might get free postage next time or something similar, but if they aren't told about it, they cant put it right. I am sure some of these problems are blamed on computers, but the humans put the problems right to keep the customers happy.


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