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Thread: Hallmarking

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    If you're selling to a shop I guess it would depend on what basis -
    e.g. If the shop doesn't pay you until it sells then it would technically
    still be yours (in which case you might need to provide the sign).
    If it's a jewellery shop then it should have its own.
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    I bought a hallmarking stamp from Cooksons for rings which just says "SIL". Does anyone know if its OK to use this instead of 925? Also, how do you use a hallmarking stamp? I've tried hammering the stamp onto a bit of scrap silver but it doesnt leave an imprint!

    Any help gratefully received.


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    whack it hard...
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    My hallmark has been ready for use at Edinburgh for a while now (just haven't got round to making stuff recently!!) But still not sure if I will get the under 7g stuff hallmarked yet. If it is big enough to look like it should have a hallmark then I think I might e.g. rings or pendants. But earrings I might not.

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    I hallmark everything I can, no matter how small. It's an extra selling point and it gives a permanent record of the maker (and people like having a hallmarked piece of custom jewellery IME). AOL encourage this attitude

    I was at Goodwood the other week, and one of the shops there was selling a variety of items as silver (stamped 925 too) - yet without displaying the hallmarking card, nor were the items that needed to be hallmarked (large cuff bracelets are going to be well over 7.78g!). Grr.

    The hallmark is there as a guarantee to the customer that the work is of at least the fineness described. Form what I've heard, the situation is very different in France, where it indicates that the tax on that fineness has been paid...

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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but when I spoke to the Assay office in London they also told me that we can use our own Makers Mark or Logo on all our items should we wish to do so, the Assay office keep a record of all Makers Marks and can confirm if your chosen Logo is acceptable or not.

    If you are selling your stuff as White Metal then you do not need to get it hallmarked at all but why would you want to do that :lol:

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    Hi there!
    Sorry I posted a question on a different thread and I've just realized all the answers are here! THANK YOU SOOO much everyone for all these precious (pardon the pun!) details! ^_^

    Just a last confirmation: So it seems it's possible to get by (as long as it's underweight, I know I know...) with just a 925 stamp and you can even have your own sponso's mark as long as it's been checked by an assay office, right? That would be great!

    OK I'm off weighing my pieces ^_^!!!

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