I have only recently joined however this is likely to be my most frequently visited thread. ALL Jewellery is good and beautiful in the eye of the beholder. Selling it though is the hard part.

I want to learn as much as I can about effective selling of jewellery - at parties, at events and online - also the display and marketing side of things are things I really need to get a handle on.

So first up I wondered if anyone would like to offer some advice on my new website - I have only recently decided to go online after a couple of years of moderate success with parties and functions etc. Please have a peek at DAZZLERS and offer some advice (be frank, I want this to work so I need constructive criticism). Am I pushing too much "buy now" banners and text etc ....or not enough ??? - is the site too busy or ok (product is obviously price sensitive) - that and other relevant stuff is what I need advice / opinions on.

Dazzlers - Simply Stunning