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Thread: Using Glue on Wrapped Briolette Gemstones

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    Question Using Glue on Wrapped Briolette Gemstones


    I was wondering if anyone uses any kind of adhesive on their wrapped briolettes (or any other kind of wrapped gemstone) to keep SS wire from (inadvertently) unravelling?

    I've made a pair of earrings with turquoise briolettes wrapped with 26g dead soft, fine silver wire. After wearing a few times, I see the wire has started to unravel. Of course, I wouldn't want this to happen to a customer!

    I've seen G-Hypo Cement - would this be suitable? Would it be okay to use a tiny bit of this on certain gemstones? Should I be using a different wire, perhaps?

    Any ideas on this would be gratefully received!

    Cheers, you lot

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    I've never used glue on wraps (and I do hundreds of these at a time). What style of wrap are you using though? With fine wire (and I have to say I generally use sterling rather than fine, but it shouldn't make much difference) I usually turn a double loop, then wrap down to below the drill line, and then back up to the loop. Much easier to tuck the end in neatly there. These are sometimes called 'chaos' wraps - like this:

    Symmetrical wraps with the cut end at the bottom (on the stone) seem to work better with slightly thicker wire, which should hold its shape better.

    I'm by no means a purist, and certainly wouldn't say not to use glue, but it would be hard to keep it completely invisible, and I'm never convinced it lasts very well.
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    I'm with George on this one ~ I do a lot of "chaos" wrapping of briolettes (like the pic below) and tend to use 26g-28g sterling silver wire (or gold-fill). After wrapping from the loop downwards, I then do a couple of wraps back up and around the loop tightly, before cutting and pinching down the end to tuck in. I rarely have the loose end of the wrap at the bottom because it can't be tucked in so tidily and would be easier to catch on clothing. It took me a little practice to master the technique and get the tension right, but I've never used glue and not had anything returned by a customer. I'm not sure how long the glue would hold for or know if it may be dislodged by movement, handling or water (if they wear them like me in the shower).


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    I have to agree - no glue on your wire-wrapping I also have to admit to not being a purist and if I thought there was mileage to be had by using glue I wouldn't hesitate

    I have used g-hypo-cement but only for securing a cabochon to petersham before seed-beading around it to make a beaded collar. It has never failed in those situations.
    Di x

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