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    Hi, Can anyone help me please? I want to set 14x10 mm stones onto cufflink blanks. I need cufflinks to be blank rectangle to glue stone onto, preferably with a ridge around the edge. Can't find anything and wondered if anyone could suggest a company who might do them please? It can be silver plate, or gold plate, or rhodium etc. Thanks

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    Suggest you start thinking of making your own, assuming the stones are flat slabs. If you use 0.5mm silver and draw a plan on graph paper, glue the plan onto your metal with a Pritt stick, then transfer the lines with a sharp snap off knife and a ruler. Then wash off the paper and cut out the unwanted squares at the corners. From here it's just like paper folding, but using pliers. No need to solder the corners, but glue in the stones with epoxy. Not exactly jewellery making, but a cheap and dirty method. Dennis.

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