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Thread: My first attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy Moriarty View Post
    if you get a little one they are quite safe to use at home, I was a bit wary at first but now love my little torch and want a bigger one. I haven't burnt myself or anything but I cut my fingers frequently with my piercing saw, and I am always droping jump rings and such, then I bang my head on my workbench whilst looking for droped things, so I'm a bit scatty, so if I can use a torch sefely at home anyone can is what I'm getting at :-)
    Yeah I tend to be a bit scatty! That's quite reassuring that you get on ok if you're scatty too I intend to start soldering at some point...

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    Problems which might occur:
    You walk away and leave the torch alight.
    It falls over while lit, or even lands on the floor. You need a fire blanket.
    You drop a hot object and you can smell it burning while it embeds itself in the floor, but you can’t find the tweezers.
    Years ago I found a cheap barbecue base with a high back to guard against accidents and do all my torch work in there, but you still have to stay alert.
    This is not meant to be scary, but just to raise awareness. Kind regards, Dennis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheely View Post
    Thats the one thing my tool chest at home lacks, a torch. Might just pluck up the courage to buy myself the small jewellers torch from here one day, maybe next summer when I can solder outside! I'm fine doing it, just not when there's noone around.
    Soldering outside is difficult, if you have any breeze at all, it blows the heat away from the object. Soldering really isnt dangerous, its only a small easily controlled flame. Jewellery making only becomes dangerous when you start using furnaces etc. Oh and scalpels, they are the bain of my life.


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