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    Default Barmy idea

    Hi folks,

    I've had the slightly barmy idea of trying to make a little trinket box to keep my wedding and engagement rings in when I take them off at night. At the moment I just leave them loose on the bedside table. Problem is I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone point me in the direction of some instructions/examples? I've had a quick squizz online but can't really see too much. I don't even know how much clay a project like this would take!

    I know I'm totally stretching the limits of my not very wide abilities but it could be something I work on over time.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    This months beads and beyond has a trinket box says it uses 30g of clay
    Alternatively (for a lower cost) why not make a metal clay lid and feet for a polymer clay box
    Here are two tutorial overviews from Whole Lotta Whimsey
    Metal Clay & Faux Bone Box - Angela Baduel-Crispin
    Metal Clay & Glass Box - Vickie Hallmark
    The full step by steps will be available to purchase from their website soon but they might give you some inspiration

    Hope that helps
    Nic xx
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    Thank-you Nic - I thought you'd be the woman with the answer! They both look great - although my skill level is proably closer to the shape of the glass one than the faux bone one!! I'll have a bash and post the results.

    As usual, you're a star.

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    Not such a barmy idea, and when you've made it keep a piece of anti-tarnish strip in the bottom to absorb the airborne sulphides. Kind regards, Dennis.

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    if you have a kiln you could decorate a bone china or porcelain box, maybe add some pmc to embelish it. I make a lot of lustred boxes with dichroic glass embelishments, they are great for rings and earrings.
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