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Thread: Latest email - IT'S FREEEEEEPOST!!!

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    Default Latest email - IT'S FREEEEEEPOST!!!

    Click here to view this weeks email. Don't get our e-mails? Click here to receive weekly offers direct to your inbox.

    We're ending July with a fantastic THREE DAY FREEPOST event at Cooksongold. All UK orders over 50* will be sent FREEPOST - helping you save you 's! Freepost starts NOW and ends Midnight on Sunday 1st August - so what are you waiting for? Pace your order online NOW!

    Don't forget freepost is now even easier, simply spend 50 or more and select 'freepost' in the delivery options menu - it's as easy as that!

    Why not take full advantage of this weekends freepost and drop into our Hand Torch SALE with 10% OFF our 6 bestselling torches with prices starting at JUST 18. Click here to enter the SALE NOW!

    If your order doesn't quite reach 50, click here for a few suggestions including freepost favourites.

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    Excellent timing i saved a basket only last night
    Su' xx

    My FB fanpage -
    My Website

    I want to learn so much, and i want to know it all NOW!!!:p

    One day i will arrive

    A huggle a day makes the bad stuff go away

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    AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Why do you do this to me! Why do you make me spend money cookies!!!!!!

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