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Thread: Sterling Silver Round Wire Sale

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    Default Sterling Silver Round Wire Sale

    Save up to 15% OFF our range of sterling silver round wire this week ONLY at Cooksongold. The offer runs from Tuesday 20th July and ends Tuesday 27th July 2010. Enter the wire SALE now and save 's NOW! Alternatively, click here to learn more about this Cooksongold first.

    *The sterling silver round wire offer runs from Tuesday 20th July to Tuesday 27th July 2010, 23:59. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special pre-agreed deals or special rates customer may currently have in place.

    The maximum discount a customer can redeem is 15% which applies only to selected HSA codes and not our entire range. The offer only applies to sterling silver round wire and excludes Brilliante and fine silver wire.

    Please note discount percentages are not visible online with the reduced sale price included within the price quoted online for the duration of the promotion. Prices will return to normal Wednesday 28th July 2010.

    This is a company wide promotion and can be redeemed from our call centre, counter as well as online at

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    if the deal is for up to 15% and you can't see the reduction on line, how do we know what the % discount is.

    i would like to know the final price or what the discount is before I pay. I might want to up the order if it's the full 15%

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    I agree - and as I suspect its a sliding scale based on the diameter of the wire. Perhaps a few examples would be a help?

    They certainly helped me understand the % reduction on the recent sheet silver promotion.

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    It still cheaper than a lot of other places - go for it!!!

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    I'm sorry, Cooksons. I would have stocked up if I could really see the benefit. I do use sterling wire and I buy all my sterling and fine from you. But this is one offer that's just confusing.

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