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Thread: Blog for folks who are trying to make a living from handmade

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    Default Blog for folks who are trying to make a living from handmade

    Can't remember where I came across this.
    Obviously thy want to sell you a course somewhere along the line(it will be a cold day in hell before i pay for anything) but there is a lot of good advice.
    I really like the way it mentions the psychology of selling,it took me years to get any good at selling t a face to face customer(still not that good).
    Pricing your Products for Wholesale

    If you find anything really good,let me know.
    I've got an aversion to reading more than a few lines.

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    I managed 3 lines then got bored. LOL

    Its finally here. The answer to your Online Jewellery Training

    Just Click Below

    AtTheBench Jewellery Training for Jewellers

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    Though the blog post is useful I found your own post more interesting!
    You mention the "Psychology of Selling"for many makers this is as hard (if not harder)
    than the initial making....

    FEAR & DOUBT are constant presences in selling.
    1) FEAR of rejection (will they like what you've made)
    2) DOUBT (will they accept my help, I don't want to appear pushy)

    BUT customers have fear too!

    Customers are afraid of making a mistake & choosing the wrong present
    Afraid of being stuck with the wrong item, or of paying too much & finding something cheaper elsewhere.

    SO ~ If you want a WIN ~ WIN situation
    HELP your customers find the right gift (for themselves or another) from YOU!!

    The best way to establish a relationship with customers is by building trust.
    If customers trust you, they will consider the purchase less risky and want to do business with you again (another WIN, WIN)

    There is no faster way to build trust than by listening to your customer.
    Good listeners show that they are genuinely interested in finding the right item for THEM,
    By using open and closed questions you can put your customers at ease AND help pinpoint what they're looking
    e.g Closed Question: "Are you present shopping?"
    Open Question: "Who are you buying it for?"
    Closed Question: "What colouring do they have? Blonde or Dark Haired?"
    All of these can help with getting the right things out for your customer & make it a more rewarding shopping experience
    (extra useful in a busy shop at Christmas time, lol)

    Anyone feel the same & had to overcome their own doubts /fears to run your own business?

    Nic xx
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