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Thread: Piercing saw problems

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    Default Piercing saw problems

    Hi there, this is my first post I知 hoping someone might be able to help.
    I run a jewellery workshop and have recently purchase new fixed frame piercing saws.
    I知 finding it really difficult to get the right tension and get a good grip on the blade from these frames. All my students are beginners or kids so at the moment I知 spending most the lesson doing up and undoing saw frames.
    Anyone got any tips on making these frames a little more user friendly.

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    Hi NJP,
    It looks like your saw frames have shallow throats and are therefore a bit stiff. I felt sure that the answer was to make setting up the saw blades part of the lesson and that students would enjoy getting the right ping. Maybe the stronger ones could help out the weaker ones and so share out the bruised chests between you.
    If the situation is hopeless the only remedy I can think of, short of trashing them and buying new, is to weaken the top of the bow. I would experiment with one first until you have a result. I would mark the inside (lower) edge of the top of the frame in two places. Then with a large grindstone on a polishing lathe I would grind two shallow semicircles. Stop before the frames become too weak, as very springy frames cause broken blades. Make sure you have eye protection and let us know how you get on. Dennis.

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